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14 Ноя 2015

Drying press

Рубрика: English press

«How I love your beautiful embossed press, and I hate the fat that hides it» — I think this phrase will be very close for each person, regardless of gender, social status and religion – folds of fat in the abdomen mercilessly punish them all, regardless of class. Moving away from the epic expressions, we proceed to the heart of the matter, which is familiar to many as the «press drying».

In order more vividly to steer the conversation to the direction of the solution will tell you two interesting anecdote:

1) — Dear, I think that the black color make me look fat...

— Honey, I think you look fat food.

2) – What you need to do to lose weight?

— To sew up his mouth.

Now, you've worked out chest, biceps already starting to stretch a t-shirt, power phase and a set of weight too in the past. In order to make your body a true work of art, just one step drying. This stage mostly is psychological. If during work on a lot of special dietary restrictions no, then drying the press is waning impact on your intake of your favorite dessert or beer. Just have to radically revise the whole system of training: to increase the number of repetitions, add cardio and significantly reduce weight.

Diet is largely the basis for drying of the press. If to limit our food intake, our body will experience a significant lack of carbs and this will force it to get energy from the inside, by burning subcutaneous fat. But diet is not supposed to affect the intensity of your workouts, of course, it's not easy, but, as we all know – the beauty demands victims. So let's get started.

It is necessary to increase the meals, as a high rate of metabolism allows you to save only smaller meals. But in order to achieve results in a short period of time just necessary a high metabolism. Also, we should significantly reduce the consumption of fat and carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy. But we should not give the body to lack of protein. In the process of losing weight use the following formula: daily intake of calories should come from carbs 40-50%, fats 10-15% protein is 30-45%. Bedtime fats to consume is contraindicated. Daily weighing 85-95 kg needs approximately 2500 calories is approximately equal to 250 grams of carbs, 270 g protein and 40 g fat.

Calorie needs in small amounts are regularly ingested, so it is prohibited to skip meals. If for an extended period of time will be missing meals, the body will begin to produce kataboliceski hormone called cortisol. In General, the body as nutrients will eat its own muscles. This cannot be allowed.

During the drying of the press should refuse to do rolls, white bread, ice cream, and I can't believe it, from chocolate bars – Oh destiny, you are so not fair. In order to overcome hunger, drink no fat milk. Much of the daily diet can be replaced with protein shakes. If the training will be not enough power, can slightly increase the amount of carbohydrates, but only in the food consumed prior to exercise.

When drying press, and the whole body will be very useful for a morning jog on an empty stomach. It is also necessary to increase the number of repetitions in the approach and significantly to lose weight, rest time between sets should be minimal. When drying, you may notice a slight decline in volume, but this can not be avoided, something always has to give and it's not that hard to catch up later, after a period of drying.

The acquisition of the desired relief is always a process and always has been a tedious process, but worth it, you'll quickly realize it by admiring glances and increased attention from the female half. It's time to declare war on the sofa and the TV. Good luck!

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