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11 Ноя 2015

Equipment for bodybuilding or what to take to practice?

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Whether on the bodybuilding accessories such as: power belt. And do they really deserve a special place in your wardrobe, in a box called «Equipment for bodybuilding»? A definite answer to this question is difficult to give, it all depends on the personal preferences of each ... I want more «to write the pros and cons» about each of these accessories separately.

So:. The power belt.

This element is more of a compensation function, namely: a belt is involved in stabilizing intra-abdominal pressure.

gympower - The power belt

The belt helps much to increase the weight of the working load in such exercises as deadlift. As we would not want to be disappointed. After conducting numerous scientific studies have revealed the following fact, force belt does not protect the athlete from injury lower back. As it is not sad.

Next in line elastic bandage. At first glance. As well As the power belt, the bandage has a helper function. Elastic bandage to help hold the brush in a bent position over time.

elastic bandage

Although if you think about the muscles of the hand that our brushes are lagging behind in size, so do not overly carried away with the bandages. Tight a tight bandage in the region of the knee joint, helps lift the weight to 10kg.

When disturbed the natural functioning of the knee joint. Gloves. What can you say about gloves. That it is not a mandatory part of equipment for bodybuilding. Since they will be very helpful in preserving the skin of the inner part of your brushes in the proper form. Help gloves the strength exercises. To put the house in the closet in one of the drawers under the name «Equipment for bodybuilding»!

Gloves bodybuilding


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