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11 Ноя 2015

How to do the splits at home?

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Splits Comparison

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Good stretching at all times was considered one of the signs of health of body and spirit. And really, the person who can easily do the splits, as a rule, a healthy back muscles and legs, does not suffer from osteochondrosis and salt deposits, moves easily and freely. Also, if you are dancing, gymnastics, yoga, the ability to do the splits for you is just a necessity. Well, if you can take the help of a professional trainer, who will be able to prepare your body for such inspections physical capabilities. But what about those who have no opportunities to communicate with professionals, how to do the splits at home?

Types of twine

First of all, decide what exactly is meant by the term «twine». The splits — this exercise stretching, where the athlete's foot are arranged in opposite directions and form a line. If your not using the hips form an angle equal to 180 degrees.

There are several types of this exercise:

Forward split — leg the athlete throws back and forth. This exercise has two versions, depending on which leg is in front, distinguish right and left splits.
Side splits — it involves the breeding of feet apart.
The vertical twine is most often used by dancers and gymnasts, is a slightly modified splits: the athlete stands on one leg, lifting the second vertically upwards.
Provinol twine — so called exercise in which the hip angle is more than 180 degrees.
Twine on hand — runs during acrobatic tricks. With this twine feet are in the air. Standing on her hands, athlete spreads her legs in a transverse or longitudinal splits.
How to prepare your body for such a load?

At home most often trained regular pepper or splits, because as more exotic species to perform without special training will be difficult. So, how to do the splits at home? First of all, you should be patient and take it a rule to do a certain set of exercises for stretching muscles.

Experts advise to study in the evenings. In the evening the muscles more susceptible to stretching. Any exercise program should start with a warm up muscles. As a warm-up is very suitable aerobic exercise: running, jumping rope, squats, etc. If there is no opportunity to get aerobic exercise or no desire to engage in active sports in the evening, to warm up the muscles by using a hot bath. To the body has become pliable to stretching, 5-10 minutes to sit in warm water.

The complex of stretching exercises

To do each exercise to the lungs of painful sensations, holding the posture for 10-15 seconds.

1. Exercises performed in the sitting position:

You need to sit on the floor, one leg stretched forward, the other bent at the knee, placing the foot on the inner thigh. Then try to bend forward along the extended leg and to fix the position. At the expiration of the set time, the legs are changing.
In the sitting position bring the legs in front, connecting the foot hands. The elbows push the knees on the divorced, getting muscle strain. For more trained suit: hands stretched forward and the chest rests on arched feet. This is a great exercise stretches the muscles of the groin.
The man sits down on the floor, two legs pull straight, leans over to him, clasping hands, feet. Then the feet alternately raises his hands, trying to lift as high as possible and for a few seconds frozen in that position.
Kneeling, should be diluted as far as possible in opposite sides of the foot. Next you need to try to sit on the floor, each time increasing the range of motion.
In the sitting position straight leg people should breed as much as possible in hand, followed by forward bends. You should try to get chest to the floor.
Man kneels on one leg, resting the heel of his buttock. The second leg must be straight, that she will be subjected to stretching. The slopes are ahead. Each time you tilt, you should try to embrace the toe by hand and lock the body in this direction.
2. Exercises from a standing position:

One leg is put aside aside, the toe rotates forward. The stretched leg should be straight! Then the man starts to sit down on the other leg, trying to sit as low as possible. After the leg swap and do the exercise on the other leg.
You should stand up straight and lean forward, clasping his knees. Well stretched the rear of the thighs.
One leg is sharply bent forward and put away in the knee. The second remains in place even. In this position, the man should try to sit as low as possible.
Spreading his knees apart, the man sits down as low as possible, captures this situation. After a few seconds starts moving from side to side, alternately straighten one leg.
After weeks of training you can gradually try to do the splits.

Who is not allowed to do the splits?

Like any intense workout, stretching exercises has its contraindications. In particular, it is impossible to do this type exercise, if you:

were severe injuries of the spine;
inflamed blood vessels in the legs;
increased blood pressure;
the feet are injuries;
a sore lower back.
If you are healthy and full of strength and desire, then a good stretching and the splits — it's just a matter of time.

splits at home
splits at home

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