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11 Ноя 2015

How to increase your height?

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Many of you know that the average person only grows up to twenty years. It is to this age milestone is the final formation of the skeleton. It is also believed that after twenty years of becoming taller will not succeed. But many people who are growth as time is not too high, I wish to find the answer to this question, what can you do to grow up a bit. Some do decide on the boldest experiment, only to achieve the desired goal. However, before to apply any of the specific measures we have to understand why your height is rather low than high. First, the short stature may have a genetic predisposition. If your family is all members not very tall, the child you most likely will not be high. Also of short stature can lead to the abuse of alcohol and nicotine in that age, only occurs when the formation of the body and of the figure, i.e. in adolescence. Such habits often cause delay in development.

In addition, the huge importance and peculiarities of individual character. A number of people is growing slowly, and someone can become very high in a few months. Some people grow up physically my whole life. Short stature may be the result of some serious diseases. So, among them dangerous diseases associated with the endocrine system, or musculoskeletal system. The importance of a injury. In his desire to become taller should not too readily to go after all of the fashion of modern drugs, are widely advertised today. After all to such drastic measures any person can use overnight. It is better to start with more safe techniques. Among them, in order to increase growth can be advised to adhere to activity in life. After all, scientists have proved that as a result of systematic physical activity is stimulation of growth of the body. Therefore, in order to grow, you can enjoy swimming, basketball, volleyball, jumping. Effectiveness and benefits in terms of increased growth are able to provide long hovering on the rails, bending, jumping, pull-UPS and deflections of the body and case back.

However, be careful not to overdo it with a variety of loads. Excessive quantities can give the opposite result or even stop the growth of the body. To have the opportunity to grow, it is necessary to make a refusal from harmful habits. It is better to start your own body hardened, sign up for a massage and plenty of food to eat useful products. This should immediate attention be given to such of them, with an abundance of potassium and calcium. But your overall diet must remain balanced. Maintaining a healthy way of life is beneficial to all, and to those who wish to grow the more it is it will go beforehand. If systematically to comply with such rules in the age period, as it's still possible to grow, then growth can add up to twenty percent. There is a special set of exercises that allows you to become taller. However, it should be done regularly to have a visible result. Themselves exercises you should perform a warm-up, consisting in walking, tilt, swivel body, the deflections, swings his arms and running for five minutes. Then you can directly perform the exercises.
How to increase my height (exercises):

The first of them is reduced to the fact that you need a face turn to the wall and stretch up. At the same time try to get up on your toes, with your back straight maximum. In the second exercise you need to hang on the crossbar. The muscles of the body must be fully relaxed. Then start shake his legs like a pendulum from left to right. To the feet it is possible to tie up the load. The third exercise is concluded that it should be tightened on a crossbeam. Then get down and try to stay about three minutes. Your body should be completely relaxed. Make the repetition of such exercise in an amount of from six to ten times. Hanging on the crossbar in the next exercise, try alternately rotate your body from side to side for three minutes. To the feet also you can tie up a heavy load. In another exercise you want to hang on the bar upside down. Cargo can be secured in the chest. Legs for this exercise it is recommended to fix by means of special belts. After all, without the help of someone else yourself such an exercise would be problematic to implement. In the sixth exercise, you should turn to jump first on one foot, then the other. Then jump on both feet. Jump try to get the hand to any object hanging high, for example, to the branches of a tree, chandeliers on the ceiling, etc. on the day you have to make not less than one hundred jumps. To perform the seventh exercise you need to lie on your stomach and legs stretch straight. The hands fold into the lock on the back. Try to bend back. Head for this lift and also keep shoulders on top. Repeat the exercise ten times. In the eighth exercise, the legs should be straight, and you should lie on your back. Hands it is better to plant on the sides. Begin to lift your feet so that you could eventually form a straight angle. Do around ten repetitions of this exercise. The ninth exercise also involves your standing on your stomach with straight legs. Feet from such positions to take up, locking them first. Make six to nine repetitions. As the tenth exercises have to climb the stairs to the fifth floor. Then go down to first, trying to keep the muscle in a relaxed state. You can do five consecutive such elevations and descents.

If the visible effectiveness from the exercises you were never able to detect, then it will be appropriate to use more radical techniques. But your age should be less than twenty years. After affect the ability of growth will be much harder. There are special installation in the form of exercise machines and massage tables. They are designed to lengthen bones and correct the existing defects in the posture. After that, if effect is not achieved, you can use surgery. However it is necessary to think very carefully before you decide to start to «stretch» your own body to the desired length. It is quite possible that even at the growth you are self-contained and very attractive personality. And this fact is much more important than the extra inches in growth.

your height
your height
your height
your height

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