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11 Ноя 2015

How to learn to play bowling?

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Currently bowling — not just a sports game, it is very fashionable and popular. The bowling club are going to play, chat with friends, relax from everyday worries, to meet new interesting people. But in order to look worthy in the eyes of others, it is useful to learn at least the basics of the game. Of course, in order to become a master, it takes more than one practice session, however, the basic issues can be studied and through theoretical advice. So, how to learn to play bowling quickly and effectively?
The form of clothes and props

It should be understood that bowling is a sport, so dress for going to such a club should be accordingly. During the game you will have to squat, bend over, skirt so the girls should not be too short and the trousers with the young people is too narrow. Also need special shoes. As a rule, the bowling club is given such a Shoe rental. Those who do not want to use public Slippers, it is advisable to purchase your own pair of moccasins with a soft rubberized. The main requirement — rubber sole for better grip with the floor and, of course, no heels.

To be successful it is important to choose a ball. All bowling balls have the same diameter, but different weights, distinguish them by number. According to masters, just too light ball will not fly at the required angle to the target, and too heavy will lose in speed. The choice is individual, but, in accordance with generally accepted standards, the balls that are numbered 1-10, are intended for girls. Guys choose the heavier models (number 10 above). The counter points in modern clubs are not needed, usually those equipped with all bowling halls.

The rules and technique of playing

The essence of the game is simple — through the bowl to knock located at a distance of 18 metres skittles. Only ten pins, they placed the triangle on each side of four pieces. Track width is 1.6 m. the Best result is a strike — all ten pins are knocked down. The game is played in 10 sets, for each of which the player accrued points. In bowling the approaches referred to as frames each frame is 2 attempts. Knocked down all the pins is a strike and the transition to the next flame. If you managed to knock down part of the pins, respectively, the number of considered points. After, the results of 10 flames, points are counted and according to which is assigned the winner. If the flame for the second time in a row ends the strike price, it is called double. If a player has a double, he was additionally appointed another 10 points. Three strikes in a row is possible, it brings additional 10 points.

For all the apparent simplicity, bowling requires certain skills. First of all, you need to pick the ball up. It has three finger holes. Hold a large ball, middle and index fingers (the thumb is placed in the upper hole). The other fingers are freely suspended on the surface of the balloon.

Masters who know exactly how to play bowling, are unanimous that the cast will only be successful if it is prepared correctly. Throw the ball there, but in motion. Beginners to experienced players are advised to do the path exactly 4 steps. To start it is necessary to move from the black dots marked on the track. During the movement of the ball shake in his hand in the manner of a pendulum. During the first two steps, the hand with the ball moving from front to back, two steps forward, forming the roll. The aim should be not in the center, and between the second and third pins, are then more likely to get a strike.

The secrets of the masters

For those who are just looking from time to time to spend with friends in a bowling alley and not to look at the background of experienced players «black sheep», is sufficient knowledge of the above principles of the game and a little practice. If a bowling alley has turned into a real passion, never hurts to get more detail methods by which you can improve the accuracy of the throw.

The important point is not even the sighting of the blow, and his strength. To strengthen the cast allows practices such as timing. In bowling, Timing is to synchronize the player's movement. If you analyze human movements while walking, it becomes clear that when the leg goes forward, the hand leans back. This happens automatically, a person is heading that way without thinking about each individual turn of the feet or hands. During the preparation of the roll the player is forced to break the natural rhythm of movement, because he needs to take a step, at the same time throwing his hand forward. The violence of the rhythm holds down the muscles and makes it impossible to use the maximum swing. Experienced players specially develop the practice of timing the movement with the ball was a natural for the body.

The second point that one should take into account is the height of the backswing before the attack. Experienced bowlers are advised not to do too wide swing, the optimum amplitude that does not exceed shoulder level. Of course, over time, each player selects for himself a comfortable position in the back swing, but at first you should listen to the opinion of professionals.

And the third equally important aspect is, in fact, the choice of club for the game. The quality of the construction of the bowling lanes directly depends on the success of the game. The correct bowling alley — wood, wood is the best material for a focused bowl slides. Making allowed where the pins are located, as well as additional material — fiber. Sometimes it is also used for decorating gutters. Well-equipped track has, before the throw-in place to prepare the roll, which should be exactly 4572 mm. Good bowling clubs have special devices that determine whether the spade for the reference line.

Overall, the key to a successful game is the perfect combination of all the above factors, but the most important thing for the player is calm and focused during the game. If the main purpose of joining a club is the game itself, and not fun gatherings with friends, we certainly have to give up drinking alcohol. You also have to train in yourself restraint and calm, especially for beginners who are able to lose all their few skills on the background of another failure. The bowling session, which will be interesting to everyone. And, according to professionals, the interest in this game only increases as they gain experience.

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