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19 Ноя 2015

How to effectively lead a training diary

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A training diary is a vital attribute of any athlete. I hope that this article will teach you how to properly maintain and effectively use a training diary.
I think you saw in the hall a lot of guys that once you approach, take a pencil and write something down. Alone on a small piece of paper, a notebook with 48 sheets, and some even go with a folder of A4 format.

What unites all of these writers? Right! They all lead a training diary. From my own experience I saw the need for a training diary. Its absence reduces the effectiveness of training exactly half. So if you are going to approach the training seriously, suggest that you carefully conduct a training diary.

Well, if you from year to year prefer to play it on 60 kg and you no longer needed, just close this article and continue in the same spirit.

I must admit, I myself used to training like most of us. Came to the hall, performed the exact same program month after month and wondered why I still not like Schwarzenegger.

This continued for years, until it was a realization that something needs to change. The first thing I sat down and carefully reviewed your exercise program. All his thoughts I wrote down on a piece of paper. It was a prototype of my first diary.

I wrote down everything that concerned the training: a set of exercises for each muscle group, number of sets and reps, warmup and working weight, doing the exercises and rest time between sets, amount and calories of food eaten. It filled my workouts a new meaning and made me set new goals and strive for them.

You ask: «Why record all this information?». Yes I agree with you. Since my diary has changed almost completely. I left only the really important and necessary information for productive training. On completing the diary takes me less than 5 minutes.

So what is the importance of a training diary?

First, having a clear plan of training, which is essential for permanent growth results. Many people simply do not understand that for muscle growth you need to constantly increase my working weights. And to increase them slowly, gradually adding 0.5-2.5 kg per workout.

Secondly, the diary will allow you to tailor a training program yourself. You can experiment with the exercises, weights, number of sets and reps. But you will have a clear mindset to achieve a certain outcome and a plan to achieve it.

Thirdly, there is a clear plan teaches discipline. You just can't skip a workout, you want to win a regular weight. Yes and prepare for it you will be more responsible.

And last. After a certain time on a clear plan, reaching the planned results, subsequently, by analyzing your training, you'll be able to make effective training program.

How to keep a training diary

In my case, is a simple notebook in a cage with 48 sheets. The photo below shows a fragment of my records.

The photo shows part of my training program, aimed at maximum weight gain. At that time I trained 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and performed training one basic exercise. My training cycle consisted of 10 weeks. After performing the warm-up approaches, I've been doing weight work on the system is 5×5.

In my diary recorded only the most necessary for the period of the data (perform the exercise, weight and number of sets and reps). The exercises, rest time between sets I did not consider, unnecessarily, hard on the training set of mass, it is impossible to rest 1 minute between sets. The rest was occupied, as a rule, about 5 minutes.

See my notes again. On Monday I was doing squats with a barbell on the shoulders. Did 5 sets of warmup with increasing weights. After a good warm-up I switched to working weights. In all five approaches did five reps with a five minute break. Remember: follow all the working approaches in elastic bandages.

Similarly, according to the plan, executed the program and made notes on Wednesday and Friday. Next week I added weight in the working approaches and exercises according to the created program.

In the end, work out for a clear-cut plan in three months, I saw significant gains in working weights, and I desire you.
In conclusion I want to reiterate that keeping a training diary will allow you to take a fresh look at your training program. You will be able to plan training cycles to progress and constantly. Only by having a clear training plan, you can move on to more advanced training methods. About them I will write in future articles, so don't forget to subscribe to blog updates and get fresh posts to your email.

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