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19 Ноя 2015

Smoking and bodybuilding

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Hello everyone. I never thought I would have to write on this topic, but the abundance of Smoking athletes led me to write this article.

I think you do not just have to observe how fruitfully work out in the hall, satisfied the athlete was going out, and instead eat a banana or yogurt, greedily smoked a cigarette.
Frankly, and I for four years purposefully ruined your body systematic Smoking. This was before I became interested in strength training. On happiness I got rid of this habit. How I managed it, talk to you later.

Every time I see the Smoking after the gym mate, I ask the same question: «Why are you doing this, why do you care about your health?». The answers are usually similar: «it doesn't bother Me, I'm progressing so well, it's my weakness, I am a healthy person and etc, and etc.» Remember once and for all, these excuses are total bullshit.

It is simply impossible to smoke and intensively engage in heavy training and even more so to wait for good results. I remember the years of my youth, when I learned his first medical specialty, we had had a kid, built, with good muscle definition swinging, without a drop of fat.

He smoked like a chimney. After talking with him, I learned that he is engaged in one of the local gyms, trains three times a week and gets good results in the basic exercises.

As it turned out, the guy was sitting tight on rates of methane (methandrostenolone). That would explain his large size. By the way, I met him three years after graduation. He was strikingly different from the big guy, whom was previously. He threw a swing, climbed down from steroids and for several months was literally blown away and turned back into a fairy.

So, think carefully before you decide to apply steroid drugs.

Smoking and bodybuilding. Is the game worth the candle?

This was a digression. Go back to Smoking in bodybuilding. Tobacco smoke contains over two hundred different chemical compounds, the most dangerous of them is nicotine, carbon oxide, and various resins.

During the first puff to the lungs of an athlete immediately goes the whole periodic table. Nicotine passes through the cellular barrier of the alveoli, enters the bloodstream. Causes an increase in blood pressure, increases the heart rate, significantly increasing the load on the myocardium.

Further entering the body nicotine causes an increased production of cortisol (stress hormone), which leads to the destruction of muscle tissue.

Contained in tobacco smoke carbon monoxide, excess amounts are released into the blood during Smoking binds to hemoglobin, forming carboxyhemoglobin, the toxic. The latter leads to oxygen starvation of tissues, including, to hypoxia of skeletal muscle and myocardium. This further increases the load on the heart.

In addition, carbon monoxide disrupts the absorption of various nutrients, especially protein, which is essential for bodybuilders.

Numerous resins resulting from the combustion of tobacco, are deposited on the pulmonary epithelium, forming a dense film. This leads to disruption of oxygen from air to blood flow and oxygen starvation of tissues.

I'm not talking about such terrible diseases as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

From the foregoing we can conclude: Smoking and bodybuilding strongly associated! Do not force your body workouts and systematic Smoking. You still will not achieve significant results, and health can undermine. Smoking will reduce all your efforts in the gym to zero.

Constant shortness of breath, weakness, irritability, lack of vitality, poor sleep, impaired appetite and a decrease in male power – this is not a complete list of wonderful actions of Smoking.

So if you are engaged in bodybuilding and smoke, stop immediately if you have a shred of prudence. Get started now. Quitting Smoking is easy, I've quit a thousand times.

But seriously, to get rid of addiction helped me to the book of Allen Carr «Easy way to quit Smoking». Who seriously decided to give up Smoking, I advise you to read.

I wish you success and athletic growth.

Smoking and bodybuilding
Smoking and bodybuilding
Smoking and bodybuilding
Smoking and bodybuilding

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Smoking & Bodybuilding

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