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19 Ноя 2015


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Squats are a basic and mandatory exercise for any fans of the iron sport, especially for a beginner.
During the squat involves the largest muscle: the quadriceps muscle of thigh, gluteal and adductor muscles, the hamstrings, back extensors and the abdominal muscles. Therefore, in this exercise, you must use a large enough weight.

Arriving in the hall, have you seen a lot of guys doing squats? I think not much. What is the reason for this cool attitude novice athletes for this super effective exercise? Properly, in exceptional gravity and energy consumption of this exercise.

It would seem that here difficult? To approach the racks, to remove the bar, put on his shoulders, to take a step back, sit down to parallel, stand up and return the shell to the rack. At first glance, nothing complicated about it. But this impression is deceptive. Actually squat with a barbell has many nuances. Let's consider them.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the position of the neck. The main mistake of most newbies is too high the location of the neck when he's lying almost on his neck.

The position of the operating rod causes a painful pressure on the cervical spine. Therefore, newcomers are forced to wrap the neck with foam or enclose a towel. All this was not convenient that beginners dislike squats.

If you are in the hall there are professional athletes, see how they perform this exercise. The weight on the neck can reach 300 kg, and they don't use any foam.

By the way, if you are performing squats you are experiencing pain, you are doing something wrong. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the working weight and work on technique.

With proper location of the neck on the shoulders you will be able to lift more weight. This is due to the decrease in the height to which to lift the bar, and with involvement of strong back muscles.

The best, I think, the location of the neck at 4-5 cm below the upper edge of the deltoids, middle trapezius muscles. When this rod is placed as low as possible, with full control of the projectile.

In my opinion, with this arrangement, the projectile moves along the optimal trajectory. This allows you to perform the exercise more effectively and working with large weights.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the height of the stands on which is located the rod. Do not make it too big. You have to remove the bar from the racks, without rising on socks. For me the optimum height of the racks is such that when the neck is at about the lower edge of the deltoid muscle.

In the case of high location of the weight on the bar, you may simply not enough forces to return it to the place after a heavy squat. Retrieved on personal experience. Do not repeat my mistakes.

Then define the location of the hands on the fretboard. Grip width should be such that you do not experience discomfort in the shoulder and elbow joints and can securely fix the rod. Try to bring shoulder blades together, and formed an array of advanced muscle support rod.

Don't do a squat with the arms widely spaced, especially when the hands are at the pancakes. Thus, disturbed control of the projectile, which can lead to serious injuries.

The most controversial and debatable issue is the placing of the feet while squatting with a barbell. Many different articles written on the subject. But the main thing we need to understand is what is your purpose in performing this exercise. Remember, the wider apart your feet, the more muscles included in the work and the more weight you can lift.
If your aim is to raise as much as possible the weight, or you are working on weight – do squats with wide foot placement. If you selectively want to work the quadriceps, squat with a narrow staging legs. For most suitable foot placement is shoulder-width apart.

For myself, I developed the optimum width of stance — slightly wider than shoulders, feet deployed about 45 degrees with respect to each other. The majority of the weight falls on the heel. In the bottom my hips are just below parallel. Do not sit deep, save your knee joints.

Always perform squats with a barbell in weightlifting belt and elastic bandages on my knees, even in warm-up approaches. Using this simple equipment, you will minimise the risk of injury. The belt and bandages it is necessary to tighten quite tight.

Squats with a barbell. Useful tips

When performing the squat does not put anything under your heels. It will take the majority of the weight on the forefoot, will increase the pressure on the knees and disrupt the stability of the posture.

After removing the bar from the racks forget about the world, focus on doing the exercise. This technique helps to: choose a wall to a point just above the head and look at it while performing the exercise.

Do not sit until it touches the buttocks of a bench or other solid object, this can lead to trauma of the spine.

Always before performing the exercises to check the weight on the barbell and secure the pancakes. Perform a squat only in the presence of a partner. And again, always use the belt and elastic bandages.

This exercise gives excellent effect when used in combination with an isolation exercise, for example, with the leg extension in the simulator.


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