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14 Ноя 2015

Stretching after exercise

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Knee-to-head pose (janu sirsasana).

Strength, endurance and flexibility are the three main components of good physical condition. A large part of bodybuilding training programs focusing on the development of strength and endurance, thereby forgetting about the flexibility of a bodybuilder. This concept is not unfounded and is based on the assumption that during the execution of exercises with full amplitude, the athlete, in conjunction with the development of muscle mass will also increase flexibility of muscles and joints. The other concept suggests that the inclusion of stretching in the training process not only prevents injuries, but also is the key to increase strength. And so, question of the day: «Stretching is a waste of time or urgent need?»

Stretching before exercise

If you trust the results of some studies, we offer the fact that stretching before exercise detrimental to strength. All this is justified by the fact that the increased stretching of muscles and joints prior to exercise significantly reduces power output, that is, in simple words, 1 bodybuilder approach begins not with a full supply of power. On this basis, if you prefer to do stretching before training, be sure that it is not a good idea. But it should not start training not warmed up, it is best to devote 5 minutes of light aerobic load, which is sufficient for the appearance of perspiration and rise in body temperature.

Stretching between sets or after your workout

To more persuasively present information on the account of this technique of stretching should start with one very interesting experiment. The experiment lasted 10 weeks and was attended by 53 people, which were divided into 3 groups. The first group of people is not stretched at all, the second group of people was stretched at the end of each exercise with weights and the third is after each workout. The result of the study were the following figures: the group that stretched after increased evidence of increasing strength by 54%; group stretch after each approach has demonstrated a strength increase of 37%; and the group of people that does not stretch at all – 29%.

Proved that stretching between sets increases the flow of blood through this is more effective «pump» muscles. When lifting weights the muscle fibers are shortened, stretching also helps them to stretch, therefore increasing the intensity of muscle proteins, as a result, Seth becomes more intense. There is a technique of stretching before each iteration, which is conducted by «vystroeny» contractile muscle proteins, muscle development is a great effort.

Types of stretch marks

We have found that stretching during or after exercise fruitfully influences the effectiveness of training in General. Now we need to figure out what method of stretching are most effective in our case. The scientific literature there are three main types of stretching: static, ballistic and proprioceptive muscular facilitation. Ballistic stretching may not increase range of motion, as heavy traffic with otbivok contribute to the increase of muscle tension, thereby triggering the activation of the myotatic reflex, which is produced by muscle veretentse.

Static stretching is holding a stretched position for a while from 6 to 60 seconds. The recommended time is 20-30 seconds 4-5 sets. Due to static stretching is reversed stretch reflex, which is produced by the Golgi apparatus and leads to relaxation of the muscles and as a result – more effective stretching. This method is very effective and practical, to increase the load it is only necessary to increase the time of fixation in a stretched position.

The latest and most effective type of stretching is proprioceptive muscular facilitation, disadvantage of this technique is that the required assistance of a partner. The essence is the following: it is necessary to stand in a static stretched position, and then shorten the muscle without movement (isometrically), then perform the following stretch with greater amplitude, by means of the last isometric muscle contraction and subsequent relaxation. The following approaches are stretching due to the fact that isometric contraction perform the activation of the Golgi apparatus, the muscles relax and get the opportunity to stretch out again.

So if You want in addition to the large volumes to impress the girls more chic and longitudinal splits, we strongly recommend that You perform stretching exercises of the muscles. But if You want to age to get a reduction overall flexibility, limited mobility and be an old fart, I suggest You the mental training program to crash on the couch and watch TV)

Stretching exercise
Stretching exercise
Stretching exercise
Stretching exercise

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