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11 Ноя 2015

The benefits of swimming

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Diana Nyed Swims In Herald Square To Raise Funds For Hurricane Sandy Victims. Photo Taken Tuesday October 8, 2013

Diana Nyed A 64-Year-Dld Woman Swam From Cuba To Key West, Florida Without A Shark Cage (August 31, 2013 To September 2, 2013). She Is now Attempting To Swim For 48 Hours (October 8- 9, 2013) Straight In A Pool...

Any sport is beneficial to physical and psychological health. The activity contributes not only to prolong life and improve its quality, but also significantly improves mood, increases self-esteem and helps to control their weight.

Of course, such kind of sport like running or training in the gym, are optimal, for example, to combat obesity, but not everyone can participate in such intense exercise. But among the variety of sports there is one that is perfect for people of all ages, regardless of their initial training. It swimming, which can be not only useful, but also to deliver a lot of fun at any time of the year. You can swim in the sea, river or pool; alone, with friends or with family. For swimming no need to purchase special equipment, and you can start practicing at a very early age and continue throughout life, yet is the soul that this kind of sport. And, of course, for humans, the benefits of swimming is invaluable and from a physical and from a psychological point of view.
The benefits of swimming from a physical point of view

1). Training for the cardiovascular system.

Swimming helps reduce blood pressure. When you practice this sport the heart pumps blood much more effectively and efficiently. If you are in great aerobic shape, your body allows you to make the oxygen more efficiently to maintain motion.

2). Flexibility.

Swimming together with aquatic exercises, complemented by a good stretching, increase flexibility. Lengthening and stretching of the muscles help smooth movements. You will not get the increase in muscle mass, as when doing in the gym, but your body will look harmonious and strong.

3). Muscle strength.

Swimming requires the coordination of absolutely all the muscles moving at the same time. Due to the fact that the water creates much more resistance than air, in order to sail, you need to work harder. The result is stronger muscles.

4). Weight reduction.

If you dedicate to swimming 30 minutes, during this time, you can burn 260 kcal. In addition, due to low water temperature, improving blood circulation and metabolism. Because the metabolism speeds up (and after leaving the water), the burning of fat stores occurs much faster than usual. That is why we can safely say that the benefits of swimming in the struggle with excess weight is obvious, and this sport can be included in your weight loss program.

5). Moderate effort.

When sailing there is no pressure on the bones, joints, muscles. Due to the absence of sharp movements, this sport is considered the most safe and comfortable for people. People suffering from joint pain, swimming can be an excellent form of exercise. Also this sport is often appointed physiotherapists for successful rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

6). Swimming is considered one of the best means of prevention and correction of scoliosis, flat feet and posture problems.

7). Hardening of the body.

Swimming lessons improving the mechanism of thermoregulation and increase immunological properties. In addition, strengthening the nervous system, improved sleep and appetite, improve movement and increase endurance.

8). Strengthen tone and increase strength of the respiratory muscles.

Swimming lessons are beneficial to the circulation and contribute to the increased ventilation of the lungs. As a rule, for one inhale and exhale the swimmer may take one cycle of movements. Because greater expenditure of energy there is a need for more oxygen, the swimmer tries to use his every breath with the utmost determination. When the water pressure on the thorax is a more complete exhalation, which entails the development of muscles that expand the rib cage. Taken together, this significantly increases the functional possibilities of the respiratory system.

The benefits of swimming from a psychological point of view

1). The reduction of stress.

Swimming helps to reduce stress by regulating breathing and oxygen in large amounts in the muscles. Being in warm water is beneficial to the appearance of calm emotions and relieve fatigue and irritation.

2). Social activity.

Swimming is a great way of socialization and the acquisition of a new circle of acquaintances. In addition to excellent training, you will be able to get a lot of pleasure from simple communication with people.

3).Swimming lessons contribute to the development of such personality traits as tenacity and perseverance, courage and determination, as well as the ability to act in the team.

Effective and useful exercises in the water

The benefits of swimming can be quite palpable and conventional styles (breaststroke, crawl, butterfly and backstroke), and performing simple water exercises that can also be of immense benefit to the muscles, lungs and heart.

1). Walking and running in water, depth to the waist or chest.

Due to the resistance of water exercise is very effective for strengthening of muscles.

2). Aqua-aerobics.

Involves a complex twenty-minute rhythmic movements carried out in water. Aqua aerobics is an excellent way to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

3). Exercises at the rim (stretching).

Holding the railing (in the pool), perform a variety of stretches.

4). Water shaping.

This type of water training allows you to engage the muscles of the upper and lower body. You can use a variety of tools, but often enough and water resistance. Water shaping strengthens the muscles, giving them the desired shape. Swimming is a great sport that will bring many benefits for your physical and psychological health, and already from the first days of class you will feel like changing your mood for the better!

benefits of swimming
benefits of swimming
benefits of swimming
benefits of swimming

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