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19 Ноя 2015

Warm-up before training

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Hello everyone. Today we will talk about the importance of warm-UPS and cool-downs when you practice with weights.
Tell me, how often do you see people in the gym that, no warming up, start weight training and using a sufficiently serious weight weights. I think, often.
However, this approach to strength training is incorrect and can lead to injury. If they are not injured, this does not mean that so will be always. Even the most trained, so to speak, a flexible athlete will be injured in a particular area, if you do not use pre-heating of the muscles and ligaments before training. However, this is just one of the reasons for using warm-UPS, there are several.

The opposite extreme is also an illiterate and insecure training is to discontinue using the procedures hitches at the end of the workout. Hitch, like a warm up is an integral part of successful training.

The main effects of the workout

First, warm-up exercises warm-up all body systems involved in exercise. Warmed muscles, ligaments, tendons have a higher resistance to possible injury.

Secondly, thanks to the warm-up is increased blood flow to exercising muscles, which ensures continuous supply of oxygen and other necessary substances. This in turn improves metabolism and increases the elasticity of connective tissue formations of the body involved in the training process.

Thirdly, mnogoobraznye movement in the joints contribute to the necessary lubricating liquid which protects them from damage during loading.

Fourth, increases efficiency of the cardiovascular system, which in turn improves physical and mental tone of the body.

In addition, warm-up contribute to improving neuromuscular connections. Thus, the warm-up prepares many body systems for heavy power work.

Now consider the main stages of the workout.

First of all, it should be noted that the more training experience and, accordingly, the more developed system of the body involved in the workout, the more carefully you need to warm up. The human body like a complex machine capable of generating an incredible physical performance. However, as a complex machine, must be treated with care and fine-tuning. The role of this configuration and performs the warm-up.

So, in the first place cardiorisk. Cardiorisk is a high-intensity anaerobic work, rising smoothly to its completion. This may be running, and fast walking up the stairs, and walk up the incline and jumping rope, etc. the duration of the warm-up, usually 5 to 10 minutes. I prefer to run on the treadmill.

Further, for those who perform stretching exercises, you can do some exercises to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the major muscle groups. Then, getting back in training, each exercise must run at least one, and preferably two warm-up set with light weight in a large number of repetitions. I always start a squat or bench press with a blank fretboard.

As for the hitch, then back it performs the opposite function than the warm-up. The main purpose of the hitch is to normalize blood pressure and restore breathing, and heart rate in potrenirovatsja value and the excretion of excess blood from the trained muscles.

In other words, the hitch removes residual tone and prepares the body to rest. The main element of the hitch is easy running, then switch to a slow walk, then you can do stretching exercises of the muscles, which additionally allows to remove the residual muscle tone. The stretching of the muscles, I pay special attention. At the end of each workout I do a thorough stretching of the trained muscles for 5-10 minutes.

Now, performing a warm-up and hitch, an athlete protects itself from possible injury and gets a lot of beneficial effects.

Warm-up before training
Warm-up before training
Warm-up before training
Warm-up before training

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