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11 Ноя 2015

Technique of bench press

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Bench press — this exercise invokes in us a sense of excitement. Many know what I mean. Who is stronger and who is more lift from breast! But for many, the bench press is not just a force to contend, which helps to increase strength and muscle mass of the upper body. Now I want to raise a few questions. At the same time to try to be helpful to you! Here are those questions: How to do this exercise? What's right. That helps. Will get to the point. The bench press is not always given easily, and to successfully complete the exercise, i.e. to gather force and put everything in its place. How to get on the simulator and then. Was looking for information and found a lot of useful information. Comparing all read and seen with my personal experience. For a good exercise is essential to be on the bench, namely:

— Heel level. To your heels up to the buttocks, your eyes will be at the level of the guitar.

— Do not bend back. Then firmly plant the feet on the surface and watching, deflection can cause injury. Then you need under your feet to adjust the stand;.

— Hard back. Take the blades and with them straining back muscles. I now turn to the grip (wide grip), which varies from shoulder width, personally I have it already a bit extreme marks on the fretboard.

— «Elbows under wrists». the «elbows under wrists» (angle 90 degrees);.

— Closed fingers. Grasping the neck of the brush so that your thumb and index finger closed. Thumb wraps around the neck, this method may cause a reset of the rods when working with large weights. Now go ahead and try to work.

— Separates the bar from the racks. So at the top it was above the collarbones, which is at the level of the nipples.

— Breathe in deeper. To fill your lungs more oxygen. A powerful exhale. A small excerpt about two seconds and now a smooth rise in amplitude of the back with a strong exhale. «The elbows against the widest». At the time of lowering and lifting your shoulders to work against the broadest, i.e. the elbows slightly closed to the body. At this point it is important to create tension between these muscles. This principle I borrowed from Stuart MC Robert, after reading his mini-book «Training the bench press», he called this principle «the elbows against the widest». From the work horses die. Rest time should be between light approaches in 2-5 minutes and a complex between 5-10 minutes. So that the muscles had recovered and were ready for the next approach. To my personal findings I want to make video famous bodybuilder johnny Jackson, in which he explains in detail and shows for itself how to perform the bench press.

bench press
bench press

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