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11 Ноя 2015



About steroids and doping. I note immediately. What is steroids in bodybuilding? Anabolic steroids are artificial derivatives of the male hormone. Most steroids are made from the root Sarsaparilla. Chemically from the extract of this root get the components of anabolic steroid. Originally the testosterone is male sex hormone. Stimulating the growth of tissues, which it affects. One of these tissue is muscle tissue. Testosterone has both anabolic and androgenic effect. The anabolic effect contributes directly to muscle growth. From androgynous effect dependent secondary sexual characteristics of men: the hair on the face, development of sex organ and an erection. The term «anabolic» as opposed to the term «androgynous» emphasizes that the steroid by changing the molecular structure of testosterone reinforced the function of influencing the growth of tissues and inhibited the increase of secondary sexual characteristics. You can simplify the wording of the definition: «Anabolic steroids are artificially created male hormone». It is the hormone that makes a boy a man and forcing the muscles to grow. After reading above described. Which can involve synthetic hormones. The violation of the basic functions which leads to the poisoning of the body. Impaired urination, sex hormones are not produced simply.

• «Salakavala» cardiac muscle.

• Increased sweating.

• Psychiatric disorders: aggression for no reason, headaches.

The gradual development of imunodeficito similar symptom of AIDS. Not a cheerful prospect! But everything is good in moderation. And in defense of steroids can tell. Adolescents with retarded sexual development, take hormones and are catching up with their peers. They are contained in many medicines. All the aphrodisiacs in the broad sense can be called steroids. This is why so many disputes and ambiguities. Some casually sniff at the word steroids.

Who is right?

To sum up I can say, «Mr. Olympia» does not Mr if did not take drugs. To achieve these volumes little prick. That first time in grade 11 I tried to do «bench press» and immediately lifted 120kg! Was the strongest boy in school. And when he can't tell what took what, after all, it is disqualified. But to achieve such volumes just not realistic. In following articles we will dive deeper. To accept or not to accept? The choice is yours.


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