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11 Ноя 2015

Fitness and bodybuilding


In this article I want to focus on these areas in the sport of fitness and bodybuilding. These sports are quite distinct and different, and the results – I want to draw a line and write your personal opinion on this matter.

What is bodybuilding?

The word «bodybuilding» in the literal translation from English sounds like a construction (building) and a body (body). But if you pay attention to terminology, you can come to the following concept: bodybuilding is the process of development and growth of muscles through physical exercises with the weights, and intake of high energy diet with increased protein content. We eat a lot of protein, as a result, the pedestal erected for public viewing beautiful rugged body.

What is the fitness?

Fitness is a Wellness technique that allows you to change weight and body shape. Fitness classes. Diet and exercise in fitness. Fitness is unique. As a result, I want to emphasize the following interesting point: for building huge muscle mass, the body requires a huge amount of protein, to maintain your shape in a sleek, harmonious form, on the contrary, ought to be fastidious in food and considerably limit your diet. The bodybuilding requires much more physical effort and enormous motivation. Fitness or bodybuilding – it's up to you.


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