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14 Ноя 2015

5 rules women's workout

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5 rules women's workout

It is very difficult to achieve a perfect result, even if you train every day. And so you want to look attractive... I Offer a few rules female training. If you can comply with them will be to have a flat stomach, slender legs, a perfect buttocks and no pills you don't need!
Rule # 1

Do not train your whole body at once. Try every workout to give the load on individual muscle groups. For example, Monday – glutes, Thursday – stomach, Friday – legs, but on Sunday you can use it is a set of exercises for the whole body.

Rule # 2

If you do in the gym, do exercise for 20 to 30 repetitions of one exercise. Of course, a start. Using such approaches, the muscles will grow faster and the fat be burned more intense.

Rule # 3

All you need to do cardio for at least 40 minutes! In pervye minutes out of the body, only the water, but the fat start to burn after. Try to work to the last, only then will see the result.
Rule # 4

Do not rush to achieve incredible results quickly. Haste can cause you just get bored to do it, and you'll drop the case. Count on their strength and have fun while you train.

Rule # 5

Changing exercises is useful for, that would not tired of the monotony of training. Constantly change the plan, look for new exercises and be sure to get to the music!

This is some of the most important rules female training. So you can quickly remove belly fat, tighten the muscles and make the body supple and attractive.

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