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19 Ноя 2015

How to gain weight fast

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Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Today answer question asked by all newcomers to the iron sport. How to gain weight fast? How to quickly gain muscle mass?
I, too, was no exception. One day I just got tired, when I'm blown to the winds, if not in the pockets of the little things, when my dog drags me on the leash in the yard as a feeble anorexic. Yes even with me in the bus did not take the fare, because my body can not see because of the railing (even some pros).
And here this wonderful day has come. I decided to quit Smoking and quit any alcohol. As this was not enough to kick the weight. Digging in various literature on the power sports, I realized one important thing: want to be powerful, get ready to work hard.

This applies not only to training but also lifestyle in General. For me howled surprise that a powerful food — it is also hard work. When after a sleepless night at work, you have to cram in 3 eggs and a plate of buckwheat porridge, and she does not go there. I don't know, maybe it's features of my body.

So, how to gain weight fast.

The main provisions for successful recruitment of muscle mass. If you will adhere to these principles, the mass growth is guaranteed.

When working on weight gain you need to pay special attention to the food. This is perhaps the most important point. You can train like a maniac, but if you eat right, the imposing mass you do not see as their ears.

The first thing to remember is you must consume more calories than spend during the day. At first, I thought the calories, as my diet is good now, the need to estimate anymore. I always knew how much energy I consume.

All your diet should be divided into 5-6 meals. And, if you asthenic type of Constitution, all these 6 meals should be large enough. Never skip Breakfast, believe me, it is extremely important. In Breakfast you must cram in as much food. I'm sorry for intimate details, but I would force myself through the power of food until gag reflex. I hope this had a positive impact on weight gain.

I understand that not all of us have strong stomachs, so I advise you to help your body such drugs as potassium orotate, Liv-52, Mezim. They will help your digestive system to handle the increased volumes of food. If possible, consume calories in liquid form. It's all kinds of juices, protein shakes, weight gainers, etc.
Watch out for the quality of food taken. If you eat only fried the donuts, you will most likely gain 20 pounds of fat. Remember that for a natural athlete, an optimum consumption of 2 to 2.5 gr. protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

I.e. if you weigh 60 kg, you need to take 120 — 150 gr. a day. This number is divided by 5 meals. It turns out that at one time you should consume 25-30 grams. protein. This corresponds to a decent plate of buckwheat porridge with a piece of chicken and half a liter of milk.
Before sleep eat a good portion of quality food. For men it was a good plate of cheese. And don't worry if all eaten at night are stored on the sides, that will not happen.

Try to sleep whenever possible 8-9 hours, avoid interrupted sleep. I know for myself (because of the nature of the profession), as interrupted sleep completely kills the desire to train hard. Take the time to relax.
With food, we figured out the second important point when weight, training it yourself. You should train infrequently, 2 or 3 times a week. And concentrate on the basic exercises.

For the period of rapid weight gain forget all the insulation, cross off from your exercise program lifting on a biceps, extension over the head, thrust and various other exercises. Do only «base». I trained 3 times a week: Monday – squats, Tuesday – bench press, Friday deadlift. And no additional exercise.

Training should be as intense and as short as possible. In my case, the duration of exercise is rarely exceeded 30 minutes. My friends from the gym asked me how I so quickly cabanel, and train only for half an hour. The weight of the secret in intense basic exercises.

Finally, an important tip. Within half an hour post-workout carb refuel using thoroughly. Scientifically proven by physiologists that within 45 minutes after training kept open so-called «carbohydrate window». During this period, the body is able to absorb 2 times more carbohydrates, consequently the body will recover faster.

I have taken for a rule, immediately after your workout eat 2 bananas and drink packaging, yogurt. I think that is enough. And an hour after the workout thoroughly refuel using protein food.

How to gain weight fast
How to gain weight fast
How to gain weight fast
How to gain weight fast
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