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14 Ноя 2015

7 bad tips for weight loss

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Very often we hear tips on losing weight from people who in principle do not exercise, do not sit on diets and generally not all that interested. In General, some of these tips really look like they have common sense, but only because they thought they were over these tips superficial. But deeper few people looked. Many of your advisers themselves on diets never sat. No, «I eat once a day» — it's NOT a diet. Their only source of knowledge on weight loss is a TV that can be very, very misleading, because much of that there «advised» — for the sake of advertising.
The most common «unsuccessful» tips:

1. To lose weight – eat LOTS of FRUIT!

Fruits are promoted as healthy, nearly perfect food. True. But only partially. Yes, they contain lots of vitamins, but if you set a goal – beautiful body, the first thing you should care about the micronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Fruits differ a high content of fructose, which in turn is the carbohydrates, the use of which you should be reduced, if your intention is to lose weight. Ideal – one Apple after a workout.

2. Follow a BALANCED DIET!

First, what on Earth is «balanced diet»? Is there such a diet in GENERAL? Actually, it's just good nutrition... in short, if you want to lose weight, you need to sacrifice something. And if you seriously decided to lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn. So really your diet needs to be «OUT of BALANCE».

3. Girls, not engaged in STRENGTH TRAINING, but it will look like boys!

Normal testosterone levels in men are 200-1200 μg/l, at the time, Jensen-70 µg/L. As you can see, the levels of testosterone in men much higher than women. On average, 16 times more! You've probably seen a lot of guys who are struggling, torturing yourself weight training, but all they get is a barely noticeable muscle. Well, if these guys are persistent with THIS level of testosterone the amount of muscle, what do you fear, lady? Therefore, the assumption that a girl can be too muscular, doing power exercises is just absurd. By the way, weight training improves the metabolism, which in turn contributes to much more efficient fat burning than aerobics.

4. A lot of AEROBICS, if you want to lose weight!

And again, only a partial truth. The problem is, when someone is engaged in aerobics ONLY, without any strength training. And the problem here – ONLY aerobics. Your weight will rapidly decrease. But if you do the test to measure the level of fat in the body, you will be surprised – the fat will remain! It turns out that instead of fat, you lose muscle, and your fat while you remained the same. In addition, you will feel weak and tired due to the deterioration of metabolism, and you'll gain weight much FASTER than you lost it.

5. DANGEROUS food additives!

And all because someone thought, though protein supplements can inflate your muscles to unimaginable enormous size, against your will. I think some would not mind, but it is not so. Now think of the purpose of food additives is primarily to synthesize and filter out the good nutrients from food, converting them to concentrate without unwanted substances. It turns out that supplements are not so bad. Just think – a serving of whey has the same amount of protein as the egg – 3.5. And absolutely saves you from cholesterol and needed to cook.

There's something else. Some are of the opinion that a food additive is «not natural» product and are proud of their muscles they are raised by their own labor without assistance. Speaking of «not natural» — if you only knew how grown and created food products that you consume every day, then supplements would seem you are very «natural». If you decide to train without taking any food supplements – your business. But after a few weeks you'll either refuse to exercise at all (because the results will not arrange), or still go to athletes for advice, what supplements you better to buy.

6. Want to lose weight? Eat ONCE a day!

Oh-Oh-Oh! If you really believe in this advice, then your body you will be seriously punished! What? Little energy, a sharp decline in metabolism and fluctuations in weight – is this not punishment? Actually, it's not just inefficient, but also very dangerous. Starvation just makes your body to the state of emergency, accumulating large amounts of fat to samoregulyacii.

7. Avoid the consumption of FAT!

I can't stand the media and food manufacturers that promote that fats are harmful for the body and the body. Once a study was conducted — participants who ate foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates, during exercise used a much more fat to meet its energy needs, unlike the other group who ate foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat. In short, your body adapts to the food we give him. Give him the fat he will burn fat. Also, fats do not increase insulin secretion in the body, which prevents fat burning. It also supports your body during the low calorie diet that you do not feel hungry.

Dietary fats should come from vegetable oils (particularly olive and canola) and nuts and not from junk food (fast food, fast food).These fats will not clog your arteries and raise cholesterol levels in the body. Yes, there are some fats that you really should avoid. If you see «partially hydrogenated vegetable oils» or «TRANS fats» on the label, don't eat it at all! Why – try to explain another time!

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