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11 Ноя 2015

Champions Of Bodybuilding


How bodybuilders become Champions of bodybuilding and who are they, these heroes of build of body? This question torments the most novice athletes. Many say. Some say. What Champions of bodybuilding becoming. What is the answer? All this is absolutely true and indisputable. This helps you achieving the goal. And discipline and consistent hard work during training in the gym. To achieve this goal and become a Champion requires a strong desire, faith in your purpose and absolute certainty that the goal will be achieved. Who sculpts out of the ordinary bodybuilder, a world-famous personality — the Champion! And now I just want to say about those who have been faithful and persistent in achieving this goal. — Goal of becoming a bodybuilding Champion! For me those are the following stars of bodybuilding: Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'll start with the most famous of all athletes. Of course this is Arnold Schwarzenegger. A little bit about his biography. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born and raised in a remote village called tal. He began to take special interest in physical culture and bodybuilding. And 14 years young Arnie made a choice in favor of bodybuilding, began their first workout at the gym «Obenauer». Hall was not working on Saturday and Sunday, and already in those years a young Arnie to see their ambitious character: he secretly to and weekends to devote himself to his dream. It is this commitment and strength of character helped him to achieve great heights in your life. Among his achievements seven-time climb to the top Mr. Olympia, finishing in the top of the next Governor of California. I will conclude this passage is devoted to the Iron Arnie. Because in sports you learn. What this quote gives a clear idea of what bodybuilding requires enormous effort and a huge amount was spilled on the workout sweat, to achieve the ultimate goal — the championship! Which is also very famous in the world of bodybuilding is the owner of huge your lats of Ronnie Coleman. That the main page of our blog decorated his back. I will try with You to talk briefly about his biography. He was born in a town called Bastrop Louisiana. After a while. After a while Ronnie radically changes the nature of its activities and becomes a regular COP. It is here that colleagues encouraged him to start attending a gym Metroflex. After a time, the hall owner Brian Dobson, who is also a bodybuilder-an Amateur, if he will allow him to prepare Ronnie for the coming this year of bodybuilding competitions Mr. Texas. This was followed by a large number of victories, including eight winning the title of Mr. Olympia! He also holds a diploma for outstanding achievements in bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman and his goal for absolute victory. At the end of his article, I want to continue on the champion, which melon is the holder of the title Mr. Olympia — Jay Cutler. Jason Isaac Cutler born in the town of Worcester. From an early age Jay worked on a pig farm of his father, and then continued his career by participating in the business of his brother. Work in early childhood greatly affected his character and instilled in him such qualities, they in turn helped him to achieve success in bodybuilding. During his school years Jay was fond of football and was one of the indispensable players on the team. He enrolled at Quinsigamond Community College and studied Criminal law. At this time, due to the lack of opportunity to attend football practice, begins to attend a gym in order to take their activity into a useful channel. After a while, Jay began to achieve great success in bodybuilding. A series of victories and defeats in the competition, slowly and gently led him to victory and the title of Mr. Olympia;. It is at the moment. In conclusion I want to conclude on the basis of knowledge about his experience in a career of bodybuilding, because even after the defeat at Olympia, he works hard and regains the right of possession of the mountain of Olympia. If You have a goal to become the Champion of bodybuilding, to achieve this goal!


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